One of the hardest parts of being chronically ill is finding spoonie clothes that are comfortable and don’t cause pain. It took me a long time to get here – I spent way too much time stubbornly wearing clothes that caused more pain than necessary. I’ve written before about the best pants for spoonies, but those pants are more for warmer weather. So now, almost two years into my spoonie journey, and I finally have a “uniform”: standard outfits that don’t exacerbate the pain I’m already in. It took a long time to get here, but now that I am, I can say that it’s worth trading in the uncomfortable pieces in your wardrobe. Now that I’ve found the best spoonie clothes, I wanted to share the knowledge with you! Continue reading

I’m feeling a little bit too raw right now to do a health/diagnostics update, so I figured I’d share my current obsessions. I already missed blogging in October… and November… So it’s about time I wrote something. I don’t want to become one of those defective bloggers. But there are a lot of things that are helping me get through the day, right now, so it makes sense to share. Continue reading

Well, folks, I’m back on the diagnostic train. On August 1, 2017, I had my second surgery for endometriosis (finally, after this disaster went down). Recovery was surprisingly fast and fairly uneventful. Following recovery, I realized I was still in pain. Still struggling to do mundane, everyday tasks. I can’t begin to put into words how upsetting this is/was. I didn’t talk about it to any one, not even my mom, for weeks. After realizing that everyone around me thought I was better, so I slowly broke the news. It was hard because I didn’t even want to admit it to myself, much less my loved ones. Continue reading

Keeping a clean house has probably been one of my greatest struggles since I got sick. I’ve learned a few tips along the way, and thought I’d share them with you! Don’t be mislead – My house is in no way the picture perfect of clean that it used to be. It’s very, very difficult to keep a clean home when you can barely walk, and when you can’t think of anything but the pain. I live by myself, which, depending on your perspective, makes it easier to keep it clean – but also means I don’t have anyone helping me to keep it clean. Here are some of the spoonie cleaning tips I’ve picked up. Continue reading

Last year in June, I had a laparoscopy and ablation surgery. Following a successful recovery, I was still in excruciating pain. I then did extensive research to find one of the best doctors in my city, and begged my GP for a referral. Then I waited 6 months to get my appointment. Upon seeing my endometriosis specialist, she recommended a couple of different treatments before resorting to surgery, all of which I tried – and all of which failed me. I continued to live in excruciating pain. Some of the treatments, including the nightmare drug, Lupron, made my pain worse. When I was given this drug I felt (and walked) like an ailing 90-year-old woman. But, I soldiered on because I knew that at the end of the road, I would get my much-needed excision surgery.
The Gold Standard.
The surgery that all endowarriors hunt down with the hopes of living a normal pain-free life.

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When you have an upcoming laparoscopy, one of the first things you will likely think of is “what should I bring”? This can feel overwhelming because you want to be as prepared as possible, and pack a bag that will ensure your comfort and entertainment for your hospital stay. A surgery packing list is definitely the best way to go, so that you can cross things off as you pack. Continue reading

When you’re living with chronic pain, you need to adapt every single aspect of your lifestyle, including your clothing. I’ve noticed that I can’t wear the things I used to be able to wear, because tight clothing is now insanely uncomfortable, and could trigger a flare-up at any time. One of the things that I really needed to adapt to suit my new life was my PANTS. I can’t wear jeans any more. If I do, it’s because they are soft and stretchy, and I’m having a particularly good day, which are few and far between. My go-to is often leggings, but there are some days where even just getting leggings on is just going to take way more spoons than I’ve got. Then there are the days where even leggings can trigger a flare-up. It’s like playing Russian roulette. Continue reading

For ages, I was using a beautiful Coach bag that I thoroughly enjoyed. The downside? It physically hurt my body. The straps were too thin and they cut into my shoulders no matter how much I put in it. Not only that, by the time I put my medicine bag in it, there wasn’t room for much else. So, not very spoonie-friendly.

I spent the next few weeks shopping around for the perfect spoonie bag. It needed to have space to carry anything I need, wherever I am. At the office, at the hospital, in the car. It needed pockets for all of my various contraptions, from my TENS machine to my heating pad (on bad days). Continue reading

There are definitely some gifs I use more than others when I’m trying to articulate the pain, frustration, and (occasionally) joy of spoonie life.

1. My favourite one, by far, for when I cannot get out of bed because the weight of my body is too much to bear and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck (aka, basically every morning):

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