Best Pants for Chronic Pain

When you’re living with chronic pain, you need to adapt every single aspect of your lifestyle, including your clothing. I’ve noticed that I can’t wear the things I used to be able to wear, because tight clothing is now insanely uncomfortable, and could trigger a flare-up at any time. One of the things that I really needed to adapt to suit my new life was my PANTS. I can’t wear jeans any more. If I do, it’s because they are soft and stretchy, and I’m having a particularly good day, which are few and far between. My go-to is often leggings, but there are some days where even just getting leggings on is just going to take way more spoons than I’ve got. Then there are the days where even leggings can trigger a flare-up. It’s like playing Russian roulette.

I have, however, found a kind of pants that I love. Whether it’s a bad pain day, a surgery day, or a lie-in-bed-dying kind of day, these are what I throw on to be comfortable: soft pants. They’re literally called soft pants. And we’re best friends. They also come in cool prints, so that you can wear a comfy black tee on top and you don’t look goth! They kind of give you a cozy boho type of look, which I’m down for. You can wear them with heels (if it’s a REALLY good day, which for me isn’t really a thing), sandals, or flats – and they look awesome. Sometimes on colder days I wear them with my mid-calf boots and they look kind of weird, but I also don’t care.

Where To Get Them

I’ve found the best places to get these pants are Old Navy and Reitmans (these are basically the only stores I shop at, anyway). You need to shop for them in the summer, and then you can wear them during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. They are honestly just the best, most of them have pockets, and they look seriously cool.

Reitmans won’t be getting them in until the first week of June (I’m waiting and waiting for these!), but Old Navy has already started stocking them, so I’m hitting them up! Make sure they’re the ones that are made out of rayon! They are cool and comfortable. I don’t put them in the dryer – I just toss them in the washing machine and hang them to dry. They also dry fast, so if you hang them in your house, they’ll be dry overnight.

The Magic Pants

Old Navy – Mid-Rise Soft Pants for Women

Old Navy – Mid-Rise Soft Pants for Women

Reitmans – Soft Pants (currently sold out, but as I said, they’ll be back in June!) These ones are INSANE guys. The best.

Lucky Brand – Soft Pant (I don’t have these ones, but they are so pretty!)

Honestly, they’re worth the price. I’m so glad I discovered these – they’ve saved my life on bad days and I really want to build up my collection this year!

 Some more soft pants below for you to peruse…

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