Best Spoonie gifs

There are definitely some gifs I use more than others when I’m trying to articulate the pain, frustration, and (occasionally) joy of spoonie life.

1. My favourite one, by far, for when I cannot get out of bed because the weight of my body is too much to bear and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck (aka, basically every morning):

2. When I’m at work and pretending to be okay, but really I’m not, but maybe I can smile and push through the pain (again):

3. When a man tells me, “Maybe the pain is all in your head.” (Based on a true story):

4. When a douchey  boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) complains that you’re always tired and constantly wakes you up in angry ways when you fall asleep on the couch. (Also based on a true story, happened to a friend of a friend me. It happened to me.)


5. When your parents roll your eyes that you can’t commit to going that obscure social event two weeks from now because you don’t know how you’ll feel:

6. When you finally find someone who understands and accepts your limitations in life:

7. When your pain medication kicks in – and works – and you feel relief for the first time that day:

8. When your friend cancels the plans you had before you do, so now you can rest at home guilt free:

9. When you have to go fulfill an obligation and you just don’t know how you’ll make it:

10. When your house is so messy, you’re worried the A&E crew is going to show up to film the next episode of hoarders, but your fatigue is so crippling that even sitting up is challenging:

You wave at those haters. Because sometimes just waving is all you can do. And that’s okay.

11. When painsomnia hits you hard and you make a ridiculous list of gifs so you don’t lose your mind:

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