What Should I Pack for My Laparoscopy? {Free Printable}

When you have an upcoming laparoscopy, one of the first things you will likely think of is “what should I bring”? This can feel overwhelming because you want to be as prepared as possible, and pack a bag that will ensure your comfort and entertainment for your hospital stay. A surgery packing list is definitely the best way to go, so that you can cross things off as you pack.A laparoscopy is the most common procedure to diagnose and/or remove endometriosis. I underwent my first laparoscopy in June of 2016, and will be having my second one on July 7, 2017. My first laparoscopy was primarily to diagnose, but my OBGYN also used ablation to treat my endometriosis. As a note, I found out later that ablation is not an adequate treatment for endometriosis. You need a doctor that practices excision. My pain came back within the next month or two, and has been slowly worsening over the past year, to the point where walking any kind of distance is excruciating. I am now under a doctor who practices excision, and hopefully this will help my symptoms, although I have been warned that it may actually worsen my pain. In my experience, I’ve found that most endometriosis treatments are a gamble. What works for one person may not work for another.

How Laparoscopies Usually Go

Most laparoscopies (in Canada) are an outpatient surgery. This means that once the surgery is done, you will wake up (medicated) in the post-anesthetic care unit. You will soon be taken to a room where you will rest and recover for an hour or two. Once you’ve successfully peed, if there are no obvious complications, you’ll be discharged. This means that barring any unforeseen circumstances, you often won’t have to stay overnight! You can sleep in your own bed, and you just need to be prepared for a day’s worth of a hospital visit.

Sometimes, You Just Need to Wait.

Let’s be real – waiting for an out-patient surgery can be brutal. My last laparoscopy, I had to wait at least 8 hours for my surgery… 4 hours after my surgery was originally supposed to happen. But things happen! They will often move emergency surgeries up in the line, or other surgeries take longer than scheduled. I can’t be upset that someone needs emergency surgery to survive when I am there for my routine laparoscopy, although waiting is really hard when you haven’t eaten or drank anything all day.

So, what should you bring to your laparoscopy?

I’ve prepared a full list of things I’ll be bringing for my surgery next week – I hope it helps you!

laparoscopy packing list - printable

To download your own printable surgery packing checklist, just click the image above, or you can download it {here}.

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