Tips for Buying a Spoonie Bag

For ages, I was using a beautiful Coach bag that I thoroughly enjoyed. The downside? It physically hurt my body. The straps were too thin and they cut into my shoulders no matter how much I put in it. Not only that, by the time I put my medicine bag in it, there wasn’t room for much else. So, not very spoonie-friendly.

I spent the next few weeks shopping around for the perfect spoonie bag. It needed to have space to carry anything I need, wherever I am. At the office, at the hospital, in the car. It needed pockets for all of my various contraptions, from my TENS machine to my heating pad (on bad days).


A diaper bag. Or, as my man affectionately calls it, a pregnancy purse. I don’t think he gets that diaper bags are for AFTER you have the baby.

If money were no issue, I quickly found this company, Lily Jade. They know what’s up. I would love this bag that easily converts into a backpack and would carry anything and everything a spoonie could ever need, probably. 

It’s perfection. Look at how much it fits! I could carry my whole pharmacy in there. However, my wallet wasn’t exactly burning a hole in my pocket, and as this was going to be a gift from my man, I wasn’t ready to ask him to shell out for the $340US price tag.


Another great contender is the timi & leslie Quilted Tote Diaper Bag. She’s so pretty! The long straps, the nice shape.

Things to watch out for?

  • The rolled straps – they look gorgeous, but realistically, these are going to dig into your shoulders.
  • The short straps – stay away! You don’t want your bag to be digging into your arm pits. No no no.

Example of both of these bag killers:

Don’t even try to kill your joints with a bag like this.

The bag I went with?

Well… I remembered that Lululemon has some big bags. BIG bags. With soft straps, and longer straps.  And sometimes, even a yoga mat carrier – screw the yoga mat, I’ll use that for my monster heating pad. So, that’s how a girl who physically can’t go to the gym ends up with a gym bag. I got this one, but this one is very similar. Check out those pockets! The sales rep was so excited that it has a heat-resistant pocket, for my non-existent hair straightener. I looked at him like… “Do I look like I straighten my hair?”  Because really. If I could hold my hands up that for that length of time on a daily basis, I’d be spending it doing things like showering. 

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