Current Obsessions

I’m feeling a little bit too raw right now to do a health/diagnostics update, so I figured I’d share my current obsessions. I already missed blogging in October… and November… So it’s about time I wrote something. I don’t want to become one of those defective bloggers. But there are a lot of things that are helping me get through the day, right now, so it makes sense to share.


This one is kind of obvious… I love Taylor. Especially now that she’s as badass as she’s ever been. I love that sometimes if I’m not into a song the first time I hear them, by the song’s 10th listen, I know all the lyrics and love it as much as the others. She is just a lyrical genius in so many ways. Favourite songs are End Game, Delicate, Getaway Car, King of My Heart, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Dress, Call It What You Want.

Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi

Did you know that regular Pepsi/Coca-Cola have caffeine in them? If I drink either at night, I won’t sleep.

I’ve developed quite the little addiction here. It’s just SO good. I don’t even care if it’s burning a hole in my stomach, because the amount of meds I take do that anyway. I may as well have a hole in my stomach because of something I love to consume.

Leggings and Hoodies

I’m basically the bootleg version of Steve Jobs now, because my only outfit is leggings and hoodies. Comfortable for the pain, warm for the weather. There’s nothing like feeling as if you’re in your pajamas all day long. Definitely no bras happening anytime soon here.

Grey’s Anatomy

I feel like every single person in my life has let me down by not forcing me to watch this show sooner. Seriously. Such a good show. I think I’m the last person on this earth to watch it. But I’m obsessed. I love Dr. Bailey.

Wine Coloured Hair

Seriously trying to achieve this hair colour. I gave it a go and I’m not there yet, I need a bit more violet up in here, but it’s coming. When I get there, it will be glorious. Even if the rest of my body feels like it’s been hit by a mack truck, my hair colour may as well look nice. 


That’s about it… Hopefully I can come back soon with an update on health, meds, and where I am in terms of diagnostics. Spoiler Alert: I haven’t gotten very far. So. That sucks.

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